The Whole Hog

I don’t believe everything happens for a reason. I do know that God works everything out for good. Life is messy and rarely follows silver screen story archetypes or the prototypical cadence of the “American dream”. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I know that everything I’ve been through has been redeemed. I’m […]

Live @ the Cozy Corner

Recently I got the opportunity to perform for the guys over at They host a weekly YouTube music show called, Comfy Corner. I really enjoyed collaborating with them. We recorded on a Sunday afternoon in Uptown. It was a humid day the weekend after Hurricane Nate’s surprisingly weak landfall. Hope you enjoy!   Performance […]

Never Give Up

…quitting is another thing. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave a project or transition to a new place. This year I decided to stop/postpone a project I dearly love, but it allowed me to release new music which was a more important goal. The problem is when we lose hope. Our pursuit of hope […]

Benefits of Pain

We spend most of our time in society either avoiding or numbing pain. In some cases, painkillers are a good idea but I think we miss out on some opportunities when we ignore our emotions. If you are going through something right now (like most of us!), here are what I consider some benefits of […]