Sometimes a song wants to be written.


I spend a lot of time chasing songs, but it is really special when the song speaks back to you.


I’ve always loved the Bible stories in the Old Testament. When I was a kid I would read them over and over again.


One of my favorites was Elijah.  He’s sort of a superhero/antihero character.


He’d do amazing feats and then become depressed, afraid and/or run away.


His archetype is very human.


When we were pregnant with our first son, I wanted to name him Elijah.  That pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I was disillusioned for a long time.  I felt like God had abandoned us.


While I was writing this song it was like Elijah had found a home.  And, just like the swirling chariot of fire, God hadn’t forgotten us or left us alone.


It’s hard to deal with loss. It’s harder to be brave in the face of challenging times.


I will always remember the story of Elijah and I wrote this song for everyone who feels alone.




I’m alone here

With your words

Where are you now?


Gone my soul

Numb and thin

You’re all

I need to feel again



Chariots on fire


You’re coming home


Smoke black night

Flames in the atmosphere

You’re all

I hold near





You’re not alone


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7E6ByHFJj1qjYBxtqvO9pN

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