Beach Foam

I wrote this song during the Great Flood of 2016.  Many friends and family members lost everything.

What I saw was a community stand together victorious in the midst of tragedy.  I was proud to live in Southern Louisiana. 


There is a special joy that comes with rebuilding/remodeling.    


A few other friends are moving to California, and I thought about what you can’t forget—relationships, family, and the geography that lives inside you. 


Physical places have a sound.  Some say it’s in the ground. 


I hear it in the water when I drive to Lafayette. It’s in the air in Spanish Town. 


I also wondered what it means to have things…


Stuff is becoming less and less important to me.   Relationships are what matter.  It’s the dreams we share with each other that make the stars glow brighter.


We don’t need more stuff.  We need each other. 


I recorded the video above in my kitchen during my boys naptime.  Light filled the room through the corner door, and it felt right.   


joel willson @ the Parlor


On another note, the Parlor was super cool.  If you haven’t stopped by, I highly recommend it. 

Art doesn’t last forever.  It’s always changing. The spaces, people, and the art itself. 


Enjoy the Parlor and help them thrive.  They make our city better. 



Yellow beams fill up

The corners of my room


My eyes wept

You became my home

Glorious, Glorious


Broken beyond repair

I don’t have many things

When I’m with you

I’m richer than a thousand kings

Glorious, Glorious


Beach foam

On the shoreline

We chased stars

I won’t forget you Louisiana

Glorious, Glorious


I don’t have to give in

Love is all you need to win

Of all the photographs we fake

Time will tell the love we make

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