Circle Bar Recap

Last night I was privileged to hear the Iguanas perform.  They were raucous with tight grooves and the audience was dancing.


It was also cool because I got to thank them for raising money in Baton Rouge last week.  The flooding messed us up pretty bad, and their show at the Dyson House Listening Room raised $1700.00 for the local food bank.


The Circle Bar is dimly lit and the walls are painted bright red. It’s so dark that it’s hard not to trip over sound gear on stage.  The bartenders are friendly and drinks are reasonably priced.


My solo set ended abruptly because the stupid battery in my guitar’s pickup died.  We did get this recording of Joyous Moon before that happened. (Thank you, David!)



Ironically, it was the perfect intro for Spontaneous Combustion.


SC is a collective of musicians that play free form improvisational music.


I’ve never heard anyone play like Spontaneous Combustion.  It’s always different.  Always engaging.  Always fun.


We had some excellent players: Ben Herrington of Minos the Saint on keys, trombone, and accordion; Nick Garrison of the Dirty Bourbon River Show on trombone; and David Melancon of Captain Green on trumpet.  I also played the fiddle.


This was our debut onto the scene.  We were received very well, and it was awesome to perform in NOLA.


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