New Music vs. Zombie Apocalypse

I’m at Z’otz in New Orleans.       Have you been?  It’s kind of like your college roommate who is double majoring in fashion and fine art dropped out and started a coffee shop.  And, the year was 1997.     I was staring confused at dismembered mannequin legs on the floor when it […]

Circle Bar Recap

Last night I was privileged to hear the Iguanas perform.  They were raucous with tight grooves and the audience was dancing.   It was also cool because I got to thank them for raising money in Baton Rouge last week.  The flooding messed us up pretty bad, and their show at the Dyson House Listening […]

A Creative Feast for All

    Improvisation is dangerous. That’s what I like about it.   I started performing Spontaneous Combustion events 6 years ago, and it still inspires me.   Imagine five musicians on a stage extemporaneously creating a song. There is no director or curator. No one has a score. No one knows how the tune will […]

Beach Foam

  I wrote this song during the Great Flood of 2016.  Many friends and family members lost everything.   What I saw was a community stand together victorious in the midst of tragedy.  I was proud to live in Southern Louisiana.    There is a special joy that comes with rebuilding/remodeling.       A […]

Fight the Flood

Southern Louisiana is experiencing a great travesty. Flood waters have displaced thousands and thousands of people from their homes. This is a great way to help: