A Creative Feast for All




Improvisation is dangerous. That’s what I like about it.


I started performing Spontaneous Combustion events 6 years ago, and it still inspires me.


Imagine five musicians on a stage extemporaneously creating a song. There is no director or curator. No one has a score. No one knows how the tune will end, or how long it will be. There is no genre or form.


It’s amazing because everyone listening participates in the creative process. It’s like sonic food for your ears. It’s like feeding a kombucha SCOBY… the fermentation enriches your creative soul.


Improvisatory music is exciting because it might fail.


We build things to be cheaply produced, mass distributed and generic.


Perfection is the enemy of art. The best noises, ideas and connections are messy and human. Mistakes are beautiful.


We are debuting Spontaneous Combustion in New Orleans on September 28th at the Circle Bar.


It could be terrible or amazing. It’s always inspiring. It invites the audience to participate. It becomes a story that everyone creates.



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