Live @ the Cozy Corner

Recently I got the opportunity to perform for the guys over at They host a weekly YouTube music show called, Comfy Corner. I really enjoyed collaborating with them. We recorded on a Sunday afternoon in Uptown. It was a humid day the weekend after Hurricane Nate’s surprisingly weak landfall. Hope you enjoy!   Performance […]

Never Give Up

…quitting is another thing. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave a project or transition to a new place. This year I decided to stop/postpone a project I dearly love, but it allowed me to release new music which was a more important goal. The problem is when we lose hope. Our pursuit of hope […]

Benefits of Pain

We spend most of our time in society either avoiding or numbing pain. In some cases, painkillers are a good idea but I think we miss out on some opportunities when we ignore our emotions. If you are going through something right now (like most of us!), here are what I consider some benefits of […]


Creating content and writing songs can be a scary experience.   Booking shows can also be unnerving for 3 reasons:   1) maybe no one will show up 2) what if everyone hates it 3) maybe the club won’t have me back   All of these thoughts are resistance.  They are holding you back from […]

Patton Oswalt

I watched a documentary about the comedian Patton Oswalt last night.    He mentioned that it took him 4 years of performing stand-up before he started writing material he liked.     His buddy Brian Posehn said it was about 4 years for him too.     Most people don’t realize how long it really takes to be excellent […]

small things

They are easy to miss.   It’s easy to gloss over and only focus on the big picture. And the big picture is great. It’s critical for success. It’s what makes or breaks a career. The big picture helps us know where we are going and allows us to redirect if we want to change […]

Promises (Psalm 13)

Labels I really dislike the term Christian Music. It’s so nondescript. What makes something Christian? Is it a song that plays on K-LOVE or something written by a Christian? It doesn’t mean anything. Hymn is a much better word.  It means a song or ode in praise or honor of God.  Worship song or sacred […]