Promises (Psalm 13)

Labels I really dislike the term Christian Music. It’s so nondescript. What makes something Christian? Is it a song that plays on K-LOVE or something written by a Christian? It doesn’t mean anything. Hymn is a much better word.  It means a song or ode in praise or honor of God.  Worship song or sacred […]

Hypothesis of Generosity

Brene Brown wrote a great book called, Rising Strong: The Reckoning. The Rumble. The Revolution. She talks in the book about how we perceive others.  One of the most powerful questions she asks is: Do you think people, in general, are doing their best? Boy!  Doesn’t that stir up some emotions? I’m slowly coming to […]

Process: Quantity vs. Quality

I struggle with this. How much should I create? How much time should I spend per composition? I don’t really have an answer. The more songs I write the better my music is both compositionally and lyrically. But, I also don’t want to publish crap. Performing is also really important.  Live performance is the best […]


  Sometimes a song wants to be written.   I spend a lot of time chasing songs, but it is really special when the song speaks back to you.   I’ve always loved the Bible stories in the Old Testament. When I was a kid I would read them over and over again.   One of […]

New Music vs. Zombie Apocalypse

I’m at Z’otz in New Orleans.       Have you been?  It’s kind of like your college roommate who is double majoring in fashion and fine art dropped out and started a coffee shop.  And, the year was 1997.     I was staring confused at dismembered mannequin legs on the floor when it […]

Circle Bar Recap

Last night I was privileged to hear the Iguanas perform.  They were raucous with tight grooves and the audience was dancing.   It was also cool because I got to thank them for raising money in Baton Rouge last week.  The flooding messed us up pretty bad, and their show at the Dyson House Listening […]

A Creative Feast for All

    Improvisation is dangerous. That’s what I like about it.   I started performing Spontaneous Combustion events 6 years ago, and it still inspires me.   Imagine five musicians on a stage extemporaneously creating a song. There is no director or curator. No one has a score. No one knows how the tune will […]