Benefits of Pain

We spend most of our time in society either avoiding or numbing pain.

In some cases, painkillers are a good idea but I think we miss out on some opportunities when we ignore our emotions.

If you are going through something right now (like most of us!), here are what I consider some benefits of pain.

1. It’s a change indicator
2. You need to stop doing something: end a relationship, set a boundary, change a habit, etc…
3. Something new is happening. In the case of conflict, and not all conflict is bad, something new is occurring
4. You need to go through the grieving process which can lead to peace and reconciliation
5. God wants to heal you

Behind every pain, problem, or obstacle is a promise. I believe that God is good and that in general people are trying to do their best. The pain we experience is an indicator of where God wants us to level up.

On a side note, art is a wonderful tool to help process through depression, emotions, and other types of pain.

It bothers me though when artists use their medium to lead people to a bad place. I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to make sure that the artists you support have a message of hope attached to their art. Even if it’s something that makes you feel inspired or just something that points to life.  I love a great sad song but not all of them are good for mental health.

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