Escape me … reality Elegantly turn like a ballerina I can hear the sound of light I can taste the break of dawn I can feel your heartbeat bursting I can see your fingertips I can smell the ocean salt on your lips Mercy, mercy Even for beguiled lonely lovers Melting underneath the […]

Yellow Wood

    You’ve got a lot of potential For breaking my heart in two I’ve got a lot of songs I want to sing just for you They go on and on and on and on… On and on and on and on You take diazepam To help with anxiety I’ve been working weekends To […]

Poor Boy King

Non-fiction often tells a story more compelling than fiction. That’s why I enjoy documentaries so much. I remember thinking about Maine in the winter and the founder of Burt’s Bees when writing this song. It’s a creative loneliness…pure in a sense. That deep feeling of experience and being alone and telling the story.  The stories […]


This song was inspired by a documentary I saw about George Harrison entitled, Living in the Material World. I’ve never listened to the Beatles seriously but they deserve attention. The craftsmanship they put into songwriting was incredible. It was also surprising to learn that a few of my favorite Beatles tunes were written by George […]